Successful business strategy is about actively shaping the game you play, not just playing the game you find. -Adam Brandenburger & Barry Nalebuff

When we set out to come up with a name for this blog one of our ‘strategies’ was to consider quotes on the subject, and we found this one. I think we find this notion particularly appealing because we have a great deal of personal and professional experience ‘shaping the game’. Not settling for the hand you’ve been dealt because you know you deserve more. Besides all that, it gives us wide latitude to write about the work we do and admire the work of game shapers we admire, like Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson.

That said, this blog is an extension of the spirit of Rightpoint, where we work.  The spirit that has put us in the front of the pack after 13 years of growing and maturing as a business.  The spirit that knows when to say ‘forgiveness is easier than permission.’  You know what we did?  We put this blog on WordPress.  You know why? Cause it needed to be done.  May not seem like a dramatic decision, but for a company that has touted the MSFT stack and languages as hard and as well as we have, I’m going to get my hand slapped at some point.

In this blog you will find subjects ranging from technology to content, SEO, Analytics, operations and staffing.  The common thread is that these subjects will relate to how digital engages, operates and is measured; and ultimately the insights that can guide and affect strategy.

We strive to share what we believe is pertinent & valuable and lessons on how organizations and brands can better their customer experience.  We do this because 40 hours a week (OK more like 60…) our clients ask (read: pay) us to do this.  However, the other 108 hours of the week, we are consumers, mobile users, internet scavengers, alert hearers and compulsively interested in coming up with the next great idea.

And part of the afore mentioned spirit is to have a point of view.  If you don’t have one of those, there’s no reason to come into work.  Because we realize through our own experiences and bearing witness to the experiences of others, not making a decision is a decision nonetheless.

With luck and a bit of ‘content strategy’ you will hear from all members of the RP Strategy team; but also from Strategic Thinkers across our entire organization.  We will invite our colleagues to contribute some of the great thinking and ideas they adorn us with every day we work with them.

It’s  a pretty exciting to be doing this work, to be working for this company, to be working with these people.  Let’s go do it.