An Agenda for Sitecore Symposium L.V. 2014

An Agenda for Sitecore Symposium L.V. 2014

A Curated Sitecore Symposium Experience

In a few days Agency Oasis will be attending the Sitecore Symposium in Las Vegas.  With three tracks, two days and five to six sessions per day there are more sessions than even a small army can get through.

The tracks are meant to help focus the participants attention and options but, for marketing technologists, there is real value in hopscotching through the sessions to gain new ideas and concepts on all three levels of the conference.  Below is the agenda I put together in an effort to maximize the experience for myself.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Track: Developer Track
Session: Keynote: Why did you do that?
Rationale: As marketing technologist we need to keep our language up to date and foundational understanding deep.  Understanding the logic used to build out key features and functions of the platform as it has evolved from its founding to today helps create familiarity and expertise with clients.

Track: Product
Session: What’s next in the march toward customers for life
Rationale: On the heels of the history and current positioning of Sitecore, knowing what is upcoming will be instrumental in making strategic decisions which don’t limit our abilities to expand the platforms services on legacy builds.

Track: Business
Session: Leveraging Sitecore to fuel growth and scalability in an omnichannel marketplace
Rationale: Hearing how the experience platform can be used to drive (or at least marginally affect) off property channels and messages is a great way to prove additional value and ROI on the investment.

Track: Business
Session: Power up your marketing with Experience Analytics
Rationale: Sitecore is so often paired with GA or Omniture to create a bigger picture, it should be interesting to hear how Sitecore themselves envisioned the Experience Analytics to influence business decisions.

Track: Product
Session: Relevant insights using Experience Analytics
Rationale: Moving from a business focused dialogue on analytics to a product centric discussion should prove to compound the value and understanding of the most recent updates to the platform.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Track: Developer
Session: Compelling, personalized Sitecore storefronts with an commerce platform
Rationale: The write up describes that we will see how to best personalize a 1:1 ecommerce experience using Commerce Connect and any other ecom platform out there.  Should be interesting.

Track: Product
Session: Extending the power of Sitecore across all platforms
Rationale: Continuing a morning theme with the conversation on how to extend the Sitecore tools of goals, events, profiles and engagement plans to other disparate systems.

Track: Business
Session: Personalization tips, tricks, and must-have toolbox
Rationale: Revisit the nuts and bolts of the experience platform and get some advanced insights from the Lars himself.

Track: Product
Session: Moving your site into the cloud? Be sure to choose the right one!
Rationale:  A big buzzword with clients and technology platforms alike, obtaining Sitecore’s position on various cloud providers should be informative.

That’s it.  Now you know where to find me at Sitecore Symposium 2014 in Las Vegas!

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