Next Stop: J.Boye 2015!

Next Stop: J.Boye 2015!

I am so pleased to announce I will be representing Agency Oasis at J.Boye 2015 in Philadelphia again this year. J.Boye consistently attracts the smartest consultants and practitioners in digital for three excellent days of learning, networking, and social events. Conference tracks include:

  • Content strategy
  • Customer experience design
  • Digital leadership
  • Intranet & digital workplace
  • Social business

Although I am looking forward to sharing my own contributions with the conference participants, every speaker on the agenda this year is more exciting than the last and I can’t wait to check our Lars Birkholm Petersen, Hilary Marsh, James Cannings, and Rose Cameron. If the past is any indicator, these three days will be filled creating strong, lasting relationships, while learning about strategy, design, and execution of world class digital in a highly collaborative and interactive setting.

If you’re interested in attending J.Boye 2015 in Philadelphia, but you haven’t booked a ticket yet, please take advantage of our discount code and sign up now!

In the meantime here are the descriptions of my sessions:

Becoming customer obsessed: Steps on the path to a fully realized customer experience strategy

Tuesday Afternoon | Half-day workshop

In recent years, many organizations have made significant investment in marketing technology which promises to automate the delivery of a highly personalized and enhanced customer experience. However, these powerful technology solutions are only a part of the overall capability needed to make good on this promise.

Together in this workshop we will explore another critical angle: Deep, and meaningful understanding of our customer’s feelings, goals, and aspirations, as they make the journey from awareness that they may want or need our products or services to lifelong advocates of our brand.

The purpose of this workshop is to learn more about how to prepare for the rollout of a successful Customer Experience delivery platform. We’ll share specific tools and the process followed to leverage them, with a special focus on empathy based personas and customer journey mapping. We’ll also take a look at where these tools fit within the overall path to successful adoption and use of automated customer engagement platforms.

Surfacing the tragic mistakes to avoid, when planning for Digital Transformation

Thursday 11.15 am – 12.00 pm | 45 minute talk

Apple Watch, Gear VR, internet toasters…Does it seem like every time we turn around there’s a new opportunity to reach customers on the horizon? Although most organizations will never consider the effectiveness of toasting a logo onto their customer’s rye bread, it’s quite likely they’re thinking through the digital transformation necessary to successfully publish, engage, and measure across an ever-expanding landscape of emerging channels with personalized and contextual customer experiences.

Orchestrating this delivery so it’s seamless, integrated, and consistent is no trivial task and the transformation necessary to be successful involves leadership vision, technology, enablement, and processes.

In this 45 minute session we will explore some of the early mistakes many organizations make when planning and preparing for the digital transformation necessary to support Omnichannel Marketing. After a short presentation on the subject we’ll open it up to discussion and collaboratively seek new ideas on how to succeed. Although this session will be focused on digital marketing, the challenges we will discuss are applicable across the organization and all are welcome.

Hope to see you there!

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