Upcoming Speaker Engagements: Jake DiMare

Upcoming Speaker Engagements: Jake DiMare

Over the next two months, our very own Jake DiMare will have the honor to share his marketing expertise at two marketing conferences: the J.Boye: Making it Work, Aarhus 15 Conference in Aarhus, Denmark from November 1-3, and the Gilbane Conference 2015: Content, Technology, and the Customer Experience in Boston from December 1-3. This will be Jake’s 3rd time speaking at the Gilbane Conference, where he will serve as a featured speaker and panel moderator, as well as his 3rd time speaking at the J.Boye conference, where he will serve as a featured speaker and workshop speaker.

At the J.Boye conference, Jake will be a featured speaker at the session, “Surfacing the tragic mistakes to avoid”. Companies are constantly developing new ways to reach customers on every channel in order to create personalized and contextual customer experiences. Jake will lead a group conversation that will examine not only the mistakes that organizations make early on when trying to digitally transform for Omni-Channel marketing, but will also open the floor to new ideas for how to succeed and challenges organizations may face.

Additionally, Jake will discuss customer experience strategy as a featured speaker during the workshop, “Becoming customer obsessed: Steps on the path to a fully realized customer experience strategy”. During this discussion, Jake will shed light on the importance of understanding customers in terms of their goals, feelings, and aspirations for the products they are loyal to, want, and need. He will also emphasize the need to integrate customer experience delivery platforms and tools, such as empathy based personas and customer journey maps, with current marketing technology. With this session, attendees will leave with a better understanding for how to utilize these tools to successfully adopt and implement automated customer engagement platforms. To learn more about Jake’s thoughts on customer wants and needs in 2015, click here.


Then in December, Jake will have three speaking opportunities at the Gilbane Conference. He is the featured speaker for the session, “Making Omni-Channel Work”. Omni-Channel is the seamless multichannel approach for marketers to use when engaging with customers through a variety of channels and devices. This allows for companies to reach their customers not only through digital and non-digital channels but also their related support systems as well, such as brick and mortar stores. Along with Kevin Novak, CEO and Founder of 2040 Digital, and Loni Stark, Senior Director of Strategy and Product Marketing for Adobe, Jake will explain how organizations are currently on the path to Omni-Channel, mistakes that organizations are making early on when planning for Omni-Channel, as well as strategies and ideas for how to deal with the growing impact of connected devices.

He will then moderate the “Mobile App Development and Management” session that will feature speakers Leonard Cervantes, Product Manager of Mobile Apps and Emerging Technology for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Reid Lappin, Founder and CEO of Vokal; and Michael Faddis, Director of User Experience at Vokal. With mobile apps changing the landscape of product and development strategies, it is important to discuss how to adapt efforts accordingly. Jake will lead a discussion that will help business and technological managers gain more information on app design, development, and management for both enterprise and consumer apps.

Finally, Jake will also moderate the session, “Modern Multichannel Strategies” with speakers Chris Schagen, CMO of Contentful GmbH, and Andrew Blackmore, Solution Principal of National Customer Engagement for Slalom Consulting. This session will provide an overview on COPE, of Create Once Publish Everywhere, in terms of how successful it is in implementing multichannel publishing. With developing interactive web and mobile experiences, does COPE need to be adapted to better serve organizational needs? Jake will guide the discussion on lessons-learned from the current implementations as well as proposed solutions for an enhanced model that better suit the changing customer landscape.

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